choosing a realtor to sell your house in Casselberry

There’s two sides to the real estate business in Casselberry . There’s the emotional side where the person is buying or selling and then there’s the business side, the non-emotional, logical and rational side. The emotional side is made up of the excitement, frustration, euphoria, fear, etc. that the buyer feels when they’re going through the process of looking at houses, making offers, arranging furniture in their minds as they look at homes, etc.


The business side is the side that most homeowners and prospective homeowners don’t look at. Homeowners and prospective homeowners do not pay attention to this important side.

Therefore, they get involved with real estate agents who are like them. They don’t pay attention to the business aspect of real estate and thus, do not (can not) consult their clients accordingly. These real estate agents in Casselberry know about the market and homes in general. They can tell you a lot about a home, type of construction, the heating system, the history of the neighborhood, local home values, etc. But on the business side is the most vital because in the transaction of real estate, is a business transaction. We’re talking about a financial transaction of over $375,000 on the average in the Long Island real estate market.

I consider myself a counselor, consultant, and businessman. While I am human and very much enjoy helping people find a home to buy or help them sell the one they have and buy a new home, I also am a real estate agent who takes the responsibility of representing my clients business interests very seriously (that’s why my website features such good information and analysis).

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